Jay Lanagan

The Broker and President of Lanagan & Co., Jay is responsible for brokerage operations and consulting strategy.Jay has been called a “deal maker”, and is known for assembling successful investment and development teams. Jay holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from University of Massachusetts and his experience in brokerage, real estate, licensing, permitting, development and strategy is diverse. Previous to heading up Lanagan & Co. Jay managed business development for a full service engineering firm and site work specialist. Recent and notable projects include Re-Gen Development LLC, Rose Alley Ale House, Cork, Sail Loft, Speedwell Tavern, Cultivator, 16 Trescott Street, Krugers and 150 acres of South Coast farmland conservation. Jay co-founded the SCBA, served on the Buzzard’s Bay Coalition Public Policy Committee and is an active board member at the Greater New Bedford Boys and Girls Club. Jay currently resides in New Bedford with his wife Isabelle, his daughter Alice, and his son Oscar.