Buyer Representation

A buyer can engage the services of a real estate agent to purchase property and the real estate agent is then the agent for the buyer who becomes the agent's client. This means that the real estate agent represents the buyer. The agent owes the buyer undivided loyalty, reasonable care, disclosure, obedience to lawful instruction, confidentiality and accountability, provided, however, that the agent must disclose known material defects in the real estate. The agent must put the buyer's interests first and negotiate for the best price and terms for their client, the buyer.
Our agents are focused on providing accurate information regarding a property’s zoning, use, condition and value, in order for our clients to make proper real estate decisions.  Whether you are looking for an urban investment, a single family home, a coastal retreat or a large swath of rural land, we work diligently to uncover the opportunities and intel.

Work with us to help find your next home.

  • We will research both your needs in a new home, your wants and the homes that are currently on the market that fit your price range. We will also keep you up to date on listings that meet your criteria as they become available.
  • We will make the house-hunting experience easier by scheduling showings and providing you with transportation to appointments, if necessary and giving valuable insight into the condition and true value of the property.
  • We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each property you visit, and provide up-to-date information about the neighborhood including the school district, infrastructure and amenities.
  • We will negotiate on your behalf to bring true value to the sale equation.
  • We will manage the process and coordination of real estate professionals to ensure a smooth and stress free closing process.